In order to realize his dream of developing a state of the art neurological institute, Kyung
Cho M.D purchased Shriner’s Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, CA in 2017.
Dr. Cho’s intent is to convert the hospital to an outpatient clinic, assisted living care
focusing on neurological disorders, memory center, clinic trial center for neurological
disorders/Alzheimer’s Disease, which will be called Geneva Cho Village and Care.
The primary focus of the clinic, will be to provide extraordinary care to patients with
dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and stroke disorder. In addition to the aforementioned
services, the business plan includes and Adult Day Health Center, which will be located
adjacent to the clinic.

The adult day care center will be called, the Brain Doctor Adult Day Health Care, inc. The
founder is Kyung Cho M.D. Dr. Cho is a board-certified neurologist, serves as clinical
faculty at UCLA/VA, Cedars Sinai Medical Center and has been a business owner in the
community for more than 20 years. JKC Clinic, assisted living facility as well as patients
referred from the local community primary care and specialty care physicians.

Dr. Cho became a neurologist since his father suffered from two
strokes when he was in medical school in Seoul, Korea. His dream was to find better prevention and care for stroke since
His other interest is to offer better memory loss care in United States.
He believe Geneva Cho Village and Care will change the dementia care better in many ways.
His passion as a neurologist is to offer better Dementia prevention and care, too.